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  • Bulk Seed
  • Custom Anhydrous
  • Soil Testing
  • LP Gas
  • Custom Spraying
  • Grain Handling

Bulk Seed

Asgrow Soybeans & Dekalb Corn

  • Bulk soybean seed
    • On-demand farm delivery
    • Easy, Fast, and convenient pick-up
  • Treatment
    • New INOVATIVE seed treament system for soybeans
      • Nipsit INSIDE Insecticide
      • RANCONA Xxtra Fungicide
    • ApronMaxx
      • Fungicide
    • Innoculant - Optimize
    • Talc applicator
  • Pro Box Tenders available for use
  • Bulk Seed Tenders available for sale or use
Contact Matt Dallas for Adrian.
Contact Ron Myers for Bowen.

Custom Anhydrous Ammonia Application

  • Four tractors utilizing:
    • GS2 Auto steer technology
    • Devoted for the purpose of custom application
    • (3 tractors on tracks, 1 with MFWD)
    • Custom sidedress application available with the MFWD tractor
  • Utilizing the newest anhydrous tool bar technology with:
    • Two John Deere high clearance/high speed bars
    • Retro-fitting with Yetter Manufacturing high clearance/high speed units allow:
      • Plug free applications into high corn on corn residue prior to tillage.
  • Variable Rate Application available based on Variable Rate Application of DAP (18-46-0).
    • This ensures no excessive amounts of nitrogen are being applied to a given field.
  • Contact Mike Pollock for Adrian.
    Contact Todd Nelson for Bowen
    Contact Dillon Darbyshire for La Harpe


    Soil Testing

    Key Benefits:

    • Flexible soil sample analysis
    • Analysis tailored to your requirements
    • Analysis by approved laboratory
    • Recommendations calculated to your system

    Good fertility recommendations start with good soil testing. We believe soil sampling should be performed every 4 years, with probes taken in 7” depths in which the soil tests labs base their data analysis upon.

    For our geography, in Western Illinois - grid soil sampling on 2.5 acre grid sizes is showing much merit in sound fertility recommendations; and variable rating lime, phosphorus, and potassium if needed.

    Yield goals and crop rotation play an important part in proper fertility recommendations so the communication between the retailer and grower are critical.

    Contact Mike Pollock for Adrian.
    Contact Daron Cannell for Bowen.
    Contact Dillon Darbyshire for La Harpe.

    Liquid Propane (LP) Services

    Our fully trained and certified LP technician, Kevin Driskell, is available to service your residential and farm related LP product needs. Kevin is available to perform:

    • Leak Checks
    • Install LP plumbing for new service
    • Routine scheduled maintance
    • Day and night service is available for special needs or emergencies

    Call 1-800-543-2085 / 1-217-746-3111 for more information.


    Custom Spraying

    Chem Gro Inc. continues to upgrade to newer equipment that utilizes GS2 auto steer, and auto boom control technology. This eliminates costly overlaps to our customers, and minimizes possible damaging effects to the crops.

    Our sprayers vary in application width from 80 to 120 feet wide.

    Contact Nick Paulsmeyer for Adrian.
    Contact Todd Nelson for Bowen.
    Contact Dillon Darbyshire for La Harpe.




    Grain Handling

    grain handle

    Contact Mike Pollock for Adrian.
    Contact Todd Nelson for Bowen.